Functional Zero Partners work to create and facilitate creative, collaborative community strategies to reduce homelessness.


Development of Supportive Housing Systems

We can develop supportive housing systems including re-purposing existing housing, creating new housing, and implementing rapid re-housing and permanent supportive housing programs.

Systems Planning

We work with communities to facilitate system and program development to identify inefficiencies and recommend service enhancement strategies.

Program Development

Helping communities develop new programs that are based on innovative best practices, and assist with transforming the program to fit the local community need.

Needs Assessment

Work with local communities to identify gaps in services and create work plans to fill the system gaps.

Creating Social Return on Investment Program Models

Learn how to track community cost savings that measure the economic impact of providing services to the homeless.

Generating public support and marketing strategies

We can help to develop marketing strategies that will help generate public support around services that support those who are experiencing homelessness.

Coordinated Entry

As a national HUD mandate, every community needs to develop a coordinated entry system, and we can help with implementing this HUD mandate in a way that works for both HUD and the local service providers.

Continuum of Care Technical Assistance

We can help with creating strong Continuum of Cares that create true change within the community.

Housing First

As a nationally recognized best practice by HUD, we can train and design housing first programs and systems that maximize the current system of care.

Creative Funding Models

Generating diverse funding streams that allow for sustainable program and system development.